perfectly imperfect

When we sat down to plan our dream wedding, I knew what I wanted and what I didn't want. ~1 year prior to the big day, we met with our stellar photographers, Eisley Images. Christy and George answered so many questions, understood our vision, and gave us some of the best advice...I mean after all, they are the professionals, right? They recommended a first look, and I am so thankful we listened. I wasn't sold on the idea at first. The thought of Matt seeing me for the first time as I stepped into view with my dad as we walked down the aisle in front of our closest family and friends made my heart flutter. But, no first look meant no cocktail hour for us, and probably no cocktail hour for our wedding party or parents. This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding. And without a first look, we wouldn't have it. Actually, this is one of the many photos from our first look that I am not a complete mess. Our venue coordinator, Christa, hid a wad of tissues in my bouquet and I don't think they were hidden for more than 30 seconds. Not only did Christy and George capture the smiles and tears of our first look, we were also able to take photos with our immediate family and wedding party. That freed up time during our cocktail hour, and we (parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen) were able to mingle with guests and soak it all in. After all, we just got MARRIED!

I never really believed anyone when they told me how quickly our wedding day would come and go. From getting ready to getting married, they say everything really is one big blur. Maybe I'm just lucky, but when I think back on September 16, 2016, I feel like I remember mostly everything. I remember waking up in my little sister's hotel room in utter disbelief that our day had finally arrived. I remember going to the lobby for continental breakfast, thinking there was absolutely no way I could eat anything because of the butterflies in my stomach. I remember having our hair done in Portsmouth before meeting at our house in Epping for pizza with my parents and bridesmaids...although I don't remember being able to eat much. I remember loading my car with our dresses and last minute things when Matt's sisters, Lauren and Emily, asked if I could believe we were finally on our way to Flag Hill for my wedding. I remember practically dying when we arrived, seeing all of Stacey's hard work creating our wedding flowers and breathtaking table arrangements. I remember spending too much time walking around the tents at Flag Hill inspecting all of the pieces I worked so hard to create, making sure they were all absolutely perfect instead of getting ready for Matt's arrival with the groomsmen. I remember my mom and sister helping fasten all the buttons on the back of my dress, and having to re-fasten them because my sister missed one. I remember blubbering as I approached Matt as he stood in the lush, green grass, waiting for me. Most importantly, I remember his face when he turned around and saw me. We both started crying. I remember watching my dad walk my mom down the aisle to her seat. I remember having to turn around because my sister kept looking back at me with tears in her eyes and I can't keep it together when she cries. I remember walking down the aisle with my dad and his fist bump/handshake with Matt. I remember Scott's beautiful ceremony. I remember standing under our gorgeous, flower-draped arbor with my chin quivering trying to hold back tears. I remember Matt dancing with his mom, and me with my dad, and seeing my mom and sister crying, so naturally, I did too. I remember hugging and thanking him as our emcee announced a special guest my dad had arranged, the Bruins mascot, Blades.

I remember dancing all night with my closest friends. I remember the full, harvest moon. I remember running through sparklers at the end of the night, thinking about how perfect everything really was. And maybe it wasn't perfect in every form the way I remember. But that's what makes it special; it makes it ours. Sure, I probably could've done things bigger or better, but I didn't. And truthfully, I wouldn't change a single thing.

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